Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Our first week back is done and dusted and with next weeks deadlines looming the panic is really starting to kick in.

I’d intended to get myself completely up to speed with my assignments over the Christmas break so that I could avoid the stress and pressure that I’m currently feeling and... I didn't. As previously stated in my previous blogs I have a real problem with my time management outside of college. Too often do I comprise my performance on the course by not putting in the required self study time.

The reason for this is simple – I’m too easily distracted. I have all the best intentions of getting up early and cracking on but often find myself doing anything and everything but my college work. As a result my performance in the typography tests have been poor to say the least and I’ve now left myself a mountain to climb if I am going to achieve a respectable score in Tuesday’s assessable test. I’ve seemingly got a good grasp of the theoretical side of Typography but I struggle with actually being able to identify fonts. I’m envious of other members of the group who have been putting in the required amount of self study time and have been consistently scoring well on the mini tests and who are now in a much better position for Tuesday’s test than I am.

If I am going to perform well for the remainder of the course I need to learn from other peoples examples and start making better use of my time outside of college. This will ultimately help reduce the stress and pressure that I am finding myself under at the moment and hopefully enable me to paint a truer reflection of my abilities by gaining merits and distinctions rather than referred passes for the remaining assignments.

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