Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Knockin on heavens door

Or at least that's how I felt last week! The day our amended A2 assignments were due in and I could barely stand! I managed to make it in to college to hand in my assignment before the 9am deadline, unfortunately I didn't last longer than the time it took for me to hand it in to Steve. I didn't surface from bed for 2 days and when I did I was concerned at how far I'd potentially fallen behind.

I was even more concerned when I found out that one of the self study tasks was to give a presentation on PARC (Proximity, Alignment, Repetition and Contrast) first thing on Monday morning. Ordinarily I enjoy giving presentations but seeing as I'd missed the PARC lecture I started to panic. Luckily for me we were giving the presentations in our seminar groups and Brad was on hand to pop round and together we thrashed out a presentation with added contributions from Pete and Dominic.

The presentation itself went well. I think content wise we'd put together a good presentation but in terms of delivery, I feel we would've benefited from having a trial run so that we were all sure of the flow of the presentation. Apart from that though I think it went fine and I enjoyed the other group's presentations as they gave me a better understanding of the concepts of PARC.

This week also saw the group receive our final grades for A2, which I'm pleased to say I've (finally) passed. This is a welcome boost to my confidence and has reassured me that I can produce the standard of work required to pass the course.

The Christmas break next week is a welcome chance to recharge my batteries and do some housekeeping to ensure everything is shipshape and Bristol fashion so that I can hit the ground running when we return.

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