Friday, 3 April 2009

Tomorrow comes a day to soon...

Where has the year gone?! Is the question on my lips as I sit here to write this latest journal entry. The time from when we arrived to begin the course back in September until now, where we are working to complete our final assignment of year one has genuinely flown by.

Flicking back through my sketchbook I’m amazed at how much knowledge has been accumulated in a relatively short space of time. I now know the anatomy of a font and can even identify some font families by simply looking a single character. Throw in learning about colour harmony, visitors from the design industry, how to use images effectively, using X-HTML and CSS and you still haven’t begun to scratch the surface of how much I’ve learnt.

There have of course been ups and downs to the first year. The up’s have included making a great new set of friends, the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired thus far and a real sense of achievement at having a designed and built a web page that a friend kindly described as looking “ like a real web page”.

The downs include seeing 2 members of the group leave the course early, referring assignments and at times feeling like the work I’ve handed in hasn’t really been of the highest quality.

Hopefully A7: Rasterised will see me end the year with a bang. Being asked to re-imagine and reinterpret Kangding Ray’s “Automne Fold” album artwork as well as redesign the Raster-Noton logo is a great assignment to end the year on. It requires us to put into practice all that we’ve learnt so far as well as encouraging us to think outside the box. I’m hopeful that by sticking to my production schedule and using the Easter break constructively I can produce a final product to be proud of and put me in good stead for starting the 2nd year.

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